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Pin-cessorizing Crisis Averted

Pin-cessorizing Crisis Averted

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I've lost track of how many times I've filled up my Etsy shopping cart with pins to put on my beloved denim jacket, then ended up buying none of them. I get to checkout, see the bizarre conglomeration of pins I have collected there, and have an existential crisis. Do these pins even go together? What do they say about me?? Why don't they have more of my favorite celebrities/politicians/food groups on them??? Butt'n Booty cut out all of the (admittedly unnecessary on my part) stress associated with pin shopping by creating these sick pin sets. You're guaranteed to get pins that compliment one another, are high quality, and tell the world whether you're more of a Yeezy or french-freezie kind of person.

If you know the woes of swerving up to the Mickey D's drive through with a McFlurry craving only to hear that the ice cream machine is broken and/or turned off, you've earned the right wear these pins as a badge of honor. Wear them as an act of brand loyalty, or to display your love for burgers and fries. It's ok, we love them, too. 

If Amy Schumer pretended to fall in front of you on a red carpet, would you think it's funny? No? This is the pin set for you. Everyone acts like they're only interested in the Kardashians ironically, but I call bullshit. Everyone's at least a little bit genuinely interested in the most outrageous and talked about family on planet earth.

"In recent years I'm, like, too cool for duck face" -Kim (very relatable)

Does the image of that time Bill Clinton was enamored by balloons at the DNC ever just pop up, unsolicited, to the forefront of your mind? It's the best. Wearing these pins shows you're a round-the-clock lady boss who's not afraid to enjoy the little things. Get the set here, ya nasty woman!

The perfect pin set for someone whose team so good, they don't really need a mascot. Wear them to keep you motivated during your 24 hour champagne diet. Also a really great accessory for a sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on kind of day. 

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