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An Ode to The Junk in Your Purse

An Ode to The Junk in Your Purse

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Let's be real, we all have some weird shit in our purse. A very specific bottom-of-the-barrel haul is accumulated by the end of the day depending on your agenda and what kind of bag accompanies you for it. Frankly, we don't give our bags enough credit for putting up with us. So, here's a well earned appreciation post for our favorite bags and the odds and ends likely tumbling around inside of them.

Massive tote bag, you tempting devil. There's no denying that this bag is convenient. No matter what you pick up throughout the day, it's reasonable to assume that you can store it in this bag. This also means it's reasonable to assume that if you go digging in this bag, you will find hella old receipts. This bag most definitely still contains your old grocery list that does not list the Pop-Tarts and Velveeta mac and cheese you ended up buying (note to self, do not grocery shop after three margaritas). Remember that marketing book your boss gave you and you've been looking for ever since? It's in this bag. Inexplicably, there's also a lightbulb in here. 

A close relative of the tote, with a it's own distinct personality. Like the tote, the bucket bag is a go-to errand-running bag, but it arguably has more versatility. This is the kind of bag that you take with you to get shit done, but also when you're not sure when the next time you'll be home is. This bag just goes with the flow. Thank you for being so flexible, bucket bag. This bad boy definitely contains a penny with a little bit of gum stuck to it. This is the bag that your favorite chapstick melted in (damn). You dropped your laundry off three weeks ago and forgot about it -- but your bucket bag didn't! It's still holding on to the ticket for you like the saint it is. Your irreversibly tangled pair of backup headphones live here, as well. 

The funky fresh crossbody bag was made to be the day-to-night casual dinner-with-friends/date night bag. This bag has a great attitude about everything. I like to imagine that it's just excited to be along for the ride. It's filled with matchbooks and mints you've picked up from various restaurants, and probably contains that lipstick you've been looking for forever (trust me on this). It's holding on to that button for you... You know, the one you've been meaning to sew back onto your shirt for a few weeks? I wouldn't be surprised if this bag is carrying around some garlic sticks wrapped in tin-foil to eat when you get home, either. 

Banana clutch! Banana clutch! This bag is the perfect size for carrying the essentials, plus a few extras. Big enough to carry all the classic hits -- Phone, keys, wallet (PKW, baby) -- and still have enough room for that emergency tampon and some Advil. If we were giving out superlatives, this bag would be "most likely to have a business card from some weird club promoter you met the other night" inside of it. 

I know what you're thinking. "Excuse me? This isn't a bag, it is a wallet." I hear you on that, but this lil' guy may deserve the biggest thanks of all. It keeps up with your life when you just don't feel like doing so for yourself. Substituting a purse with a wallet has saved my ass on multiple occasions. If you're headed for a night out, this wallet can hold everything you need: your ID, your debit card, some cash, 2 pieces of gum. Also, a wise woman (we'll call her "mom") once taught me to always carry your health insurance card, so toss that sucker in there, as well. 

We see you, loyal and patient bags! We see you, and we thank you for all that you do.

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