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Better Shape Up

Better Shape Up

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Remember when you were a kid and some days all you had to worry about what determining exactly what shape a cloud in the sky was? Bottle that feeling, put it into a print, and you get these Ann Finkel products. The playful 80's retro design adds a lively touch to any room or outfit, but can also offer endless entertainment to the creative mind. Channel your inner cloud-watcher and decide what you see in each of the unique shapes comprising this rad pattern. Here's what we've got so far:


- A cashew

- Half of a cheerio

- Piece of gum stuck under a table

- A kidney

- Macaroni noodle

- Hello Kitty bowtie

- Crushed Goldfish cracker

- Sticky boobs

Fun Fact Alert: The act of seeking and finding shapes in clouds is called nephelococcygia

- Gorilla

- Thumb Thumb from Spy Kids

- These shoes (I can't stop laughing)

- A rose taking a nap on it's side

This is a falcon and you know it. Case closed.

Shopping Ann Finkel = Shopping fun


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