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Onions have layers. Ogres have layers.

Onions have layers. Ogres have layers.

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You catch that Shrek reference in the title? If not, it may have been misleading. If you're expecting to learn about onions or ogres, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for an explanation on why the QFD circles necklace is perfect for layering with all of your other favorite necklaces, GET COMFY.


Gah, look at that lil' cutie. 

 Good news: layering necklaces is in! Why is that good news? If you're someone who doesn't like to wear the same thing too often (good for you, miss thang), a little necklace mix-and-match allows you to create a lot of different looks with a limited number of pieces. That also means that you get to wear your "power piece" necklace that you love more often. Score! Most importantly, it's cute as hell. QFD can help you to rock some of the most popular layered looks. 

 Recreate this look using the Geoflora Droplet ChokerQFD Circles Necklace, and a Pink Midnight Tiny Opal Necklace. These necklaces are fitted to neck, 14-16", and 20", respectively, so they will hang perfectly spaced to create a delicate but noticeable and unique look. 

 You can achieve this look by pairing an adjustable, tasseled, or stardust wrap choker with the QFD Circles Necklace and a Pink Midnight Proxima Brass Choker. Badass biker chick meets delicate jewelz. Who says you can't have it all?

To copy this look, mix your QFD Circles necklace with your favorite Julia Szendrei morse code necklace and a Redwolf choker. It's simple, yet bold. Love it.  

Three looks, one necklace to rule them all! The possibilities are endless.

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