QFD Gifts For Every Type O' Mama

QFD Gifts For Every Type O' Mama

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Forgot mothers day is coming up? We got you.

For the badass mom who’s also down for high tea
Can’t you just picture it now? Sunday afternoon: the two of you are enjoying a nice oolong tea, discussing feminism and how wonderful it is to be a woman. Decide whether your mom is a bad bitch, someone who deserves to be worshipped, or just all around slays. It’s your mom’s day, but treat yourself to the my mommy is a badass cup so that 1. She knows she is, and 2. The two of you can sip together in style. Enjoy a cookie or maybe some edamame off of a matching plate.

For the lady who loves a little R&R
Let’s face it, your mom works hard. She’s usually a tornado of activity, so this mothers day make sure she adopts a #treatyoself attitude with a day of pampering! Check out QFD’s body & beauty collection, and create the assemblage of items perfect for your mum. We recommend letting her indulge in a milk bath, paired with a soothing body polish and nutrient rich face mask. Best enjoyed with her favorite book or music for takin’ it easy.

If your mama is one classy broad
Get your mom this bold, beautiful scarf to wear while you spend the day doing something she loves! Go to a museum, grab lunch at her favorite restaurant, or hit up a nearby bookstore. After you’ve celebrated, she’ll be able to wear her scarf to run errands in style, or dressed up to do her thing in the office. Best part: she’ll look damn good doin’ it.

If she’s your favorite thing about being home
Make sure she never forgets it, while simultaneously ensuring she never forgets exactly where home is. You can engrave this necklace (available in gold, silver, rose gold) with the coordinates of a place that’s special to the both of you! Be it your house, your favorite park, or even Disney World, it’s easy to find the coordinates here. If you’re really looking to tip the cuteness scales, buy a matching one for yourself!

If you’re a shopaholic and you got it from ya mama
How is it that moms seem to always have everything you need in their purse, no matter how obscure? Need a tissue? Sure. A pen? Easy. Deodorant or a travel sized perfume for a quick spruce up? She’s got that too. Get her the perfect bag for carrying all of favorites and more. If she already has a go-to Marry Poppins-esque bag, get her a smaller bag, perfect for carrying the essentials to dinner or a night out.

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