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5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Tee This Summer

5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Tee This Summer

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We’re obsessed with the new Daisy Natives tees, and not just because they’re flirty and adorable. Anyone who creates something this stylish and comfortable knows where it’s at. The best tees can be dressed up or down, and allow you to wear a sports bra (!important!) whenever you want. Not to mention they are truly the most comfortable item of clothing to ever grace this earth with their presence. Here’s some inspiration on ways to wear your favorite tee, using the cutest little ta-ta tees there ever were. Also, did we mention they're comfortable?

The "classic with an edge"

The perfect outfit for gettin' shit done. Sneakers and your tee will keep you a comfy girl, and a bucket bag allows you to carry everything you need (plus anything you pick up along the way).

The "meeting a friend of a friend for brunch"

Oh shoot, she cute! Wear that tee you love with a flowy skirt, matching sandals, and simple accessories. Ideal for catching up and drinking rosé.

The "Donna from That 70's Show"

For the days you you feel like getting a lil' funky. Donna would wear this with clogs, duh.

The "recess rugrat"

It's the kind of outfit that people see and think, "that gal looks like she'd be a fun time." Throw on your overalls, put the essentials in your wallet, and head out the door. Where to? You can go anywhere you want! You're in overalls for crying out loud!

The "cute/comfy commute"

Perfect for wearing on on a warm day (jacket tied around waist. Cute.) that ends with you at the movies (jacket on because it's always cold in theaters. Also cute). 

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