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An Ode to The Junk in Your Purse

Posted by Macy Atkinson on

Let's be real, we all have some weird shit in our purse. A very specific bottom-of-the-barrel haul is accumulated by the end of the day depending on your agenda and what kind of bag accompanies you for it. Frankly, we don't give our bags enough credit for putting up with us. So, here's a well earned appreciation post for our favorite bags and the odds and ends likely tumbling around inside of them.

Massive tote bag, you tempting devil. There's no denying that this bag is convenient. No matter what you pick up throughout the day, it's reasonable to assume that you can store it in this bag. This also means it's reasonable to assume that if you go digging in this bag, you will find hella old receipts. This bag most definitely still contains your old grocery list that does not list the Pop-Tarts and Velveeta mac and cheese you ended up buying (note to self, do not grocery shop after three margaritas). Remember that marketing book your boss gave you and you've been looking for ever since? It's in this bag. Inexplicably, there's also a lightbulb in here. 

A close relative of the tote, with a it's own distinct personality. Like the tote, the bucket bag is a go-to errand-running bag, but it arguably has more versatility. This is the kind of bag that you take with you to get shit done, but also when you're not sure when the next time you'll be home is. This bag just goes with the flow. Thank you for being so flexible, bucket bag. This bad boy definitely contains a penny with a little bit of gum stuck to it. This is the bag that your favorite chapstick melted in (damn). You dropped your laundry off three weeks ago and forgot about it -- but your bucket bag didn't! It's still holding on to the ticket for you like the saint it is. Your irreversibly tangled pair of backup headphones live here, as well. 

The funky fresh crossbody bag was made to be the day-to-night casual dinner-with-friends/date night bag. This bag has a great attitude about everything. I like to imagine that it's just excited to be along for the ride. It's filled with matchbooks and mints you've picked up from various restaurants, and probably contains that lipstick you've been looking for forever (trust me on this). It's holding on to that button for you... You know, the one you've been meaning to sew back onto your shirt for a few weeks? I wouldn't be surprised if this bag is carrying around some garlic sticks wrapped in tin-foil to eat when you get home, either. 

Banana clutch! Banana clutch! This bag is the perfect size for carrying the essentials, plus a few extras. Big enough to carry all the classic hits -- Phone, keys, wallet (PKW, baby) -- and still have enough room for that emergency tampon and some Advil. If we were giving out superlatives, this bag would be "most likely to have a business card from some weird club promoter you met the other night" inside of it. 

I know what you're thinking. "Excuse me? This isn't a bag, it is a wallet." I hear you on that, but this lil' guy may deserve the biggest thanks of all. It keeps up with your life when you just don't feel like doing so for yourself. Substituting a purse with a wallet has saved my ass on multiple occasions. If you're headed for a night out, this wallet can hold everything you need: your ID, your debit card, some cash, 2 pieces of gum. Also, a wise woman (we'll call her "mom") once taught me to always carry your health insurance card, so toss that sucker in there, as well. 

We see you, loyal and patient bags! We see you, and we thank you for all that you do.

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Onions have layers. Ogres have layers.

Posted by Macy Atkinson on

You catch that Shrek reference in the title? If not, it may have been misleading. If you're expecting to learn about onions or ogres, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for an explanation on why the QFD circles necklace is perfect for layering with all of your other favorite necklaces, GET COMFY.


Gah, look at that lil' cutie. 

 Good news: layering necklaces is in! Why is that good news? If you're someone who doesn't like to wear the same thing too often (good for you, miss thang), a little necklace mix-and-match allows you to create a lot of different looks with a limited number of pieces. That also means that you get to wear your "power piece" necklace that you love more often. Score! Most importantly, it's cute as hell. QFD can help you to rock some of the most popular layered looks. 

 Recreate this look using the Geoflora Droplet ChokerQFD Circles Necklace, and a Pink Midnight Tiny Opal Necklace. These necklaces are fitted to neck, 14-16", and 20", respectively, so they will hang perfectly spaced to create a delicate but noticeable and unique look. 

 You can achieve this look by pairing an adjustable, tasseled, or stardust wrap choker with the QFD Circles Necklace and a Pink Midnight Proxima Brass Choker. Badass biker chick meets delicate jewelz. Who says you can't have it all?

To copy this look, mix your QFD Circles necklace with your favorite Julia Szendrei morse code necklace and a Redwolf choker. It's simple, yet bold. Love it.  

Three looks, one necklace to rule them all! The possibilities are endless.

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Art Colors Life

Posted by Macy Atkinson on

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” -John Lubbock

Art is a tricky thing to put into words. It's incredibly objective, and deeply personal. There is no blanket statement that can entirely encapsulate what art means to humanity, because it changes dramatically from one person to the next. I began this blog post with the idea of writing about what art means to our world, as a whole. I scrapped it. I realized I wasn't writing about the impact art has on our society, but the impact it has on me, personally. Really, that's all I can know for sure. How beautiful is that!

I believe art has the wonderful, paradoxical power of celebrating individuality while uniting individuals. Who we are, at the core, is not defined by what we do, who we know, or how much money we make. We are creators, thinkers, and dreamers. To me, art is a reflection of these parts of us. Art is the expression of that pull deep within to understand the inexplicable. Art can celebrate and recognize. It can excite and reveal. The best part? Art isn't limited to just paint on canvas or pencil on paper. One of my favorite ways to celebrate art is by wearing it. The first time I realized I could find clothes that double as artistic expression was the first time I really gave a damn about fashion. 

When I look at these Molly Virginia Made products, I see art. The new moonstone pattern is no exception. Their title is fitting, as moonstone is believed to promote inspiration. These bags, clutches, wallets, and coasters are composed of patterns that make me feel inspired. Inspired to create, to think, and to do. That may sound silly, but that's what art means to me. The marbled design is intriguing and unique. Each product is made-to-order and one of a kind! 

In the end, I see art as one of my greatest teachers. In creating it, I learn more about myself. In absorbing it, I learn more about others. And in choosing which bits of it I want to wear, I get to display how I think, feel, and relate to this crazy pale blue dot. Art colors life, my dudes.

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Written by Macy Atkinson, QFD Content Writer

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Ya Heard?

Posted by Macy Atkinson on

We're giving the my mommy is a badass tea set some extra love today because we really dig it, and Vogue does, too! Queen For Dinner is featured in this article about the best mother's day gifts for the feminist mom.

We're honored to be mentioned alongside the other brands and products that "have a positive message or benefit women's charities". There's no better way to honor your mother than by thanking her for making you the woman you are today. 

Happy mothers day!

Read the Vogue article here 

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Pin-cessorizing Crisis Averted

Posted by Macy Atkinson on

I've lost track of how many times I've filled up my Etsy shopping cart with pins to put on my beloved denim jacket, then ended up buying none of them. I get to checkout, see the bizarre conglomeration of pins I have collected there, and have an existential crisis. Do these pins even go together? What do they say about me?? Why don't they have more of my favorite celebrities/politicians/food groups on them??? Butt'n Booty cut out all of the (admittedly unnecessary on my part) stress associated with pin shopping by creating these sick pin sets. You're guaranteed to get pins that compliment one another, are high quality, and tell the world whether you're more of a Yeezy or french-freezie kind of person.

If you know the woes of swerving up to the Mickey D's drive through with a McFlurry craving only to hear that the ice cream machine is broken and/or turned off, you've earned the right wear these pins as a badge of honor. Wear them as an act of brand loyalty, or to display your love for burgers and fries. It's ok, we love them, too. 

If Amy Schumer pretended to fall in front of you on a red carpet, would you think it's funny? No? This is the pin set for you. Everyone acts like they're only interested in the Kardashians ironically, but I call bullshit. Everyone's at least a little bit genuinely interested in the most outrageous and talked about family on planet earth.

"In recent years I'm, like, too cool for duck face" -Kim (very relatable)

Does the image of that time Bill Clinton was enamored by balloons at the DNC ever just pop up, unsolicited, to the forefront of your mind? It's the best. Wearing these pins shows you're a round-the-clock lady boss who's not afraid to enjoy the little things. Get the set here, ya nasty woman!

The perfect pin set for someone whose team so good, they don't really need a mascot. Wear them to keep you motivated during your 24 hour champagne diet. Also a really great accessory for a sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on kind of day. 

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